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My Ecodial S

                        My Ecodial S


You need a snapshot calculation:
. My Ecodial S provides you with reliable results in a few clicks.
You need to easily find a product without entering into the Schneider Electric catalogue:
. My Ecodial S offers you a technically-oriented search engine for selection of a product, discrimination and cascading.
You need to easily get back into the software:
. The carefully designed ergonomics of My Ecodial S will guide you

What can you do with My Ecodial S?

Calculation module of a single branch network
. You select quickly and easily an an LV network created with a single branch at three levels.
. You customise the few input parameters to meet your requirements.
. You let the power engine calculate for you in compliance with electrical standards.
. You visualise the discrimination limits of your protective device system by using versatile tripping-curve diagrams.
. You print out a comprehensive and clear report to prove your calculation
Direct coordination: an advanced search engine to define & coordinate Schneider Electric devices
. You define the electrical constraints that your single search device must support. Search and select.
. You define upstream and downstream the electrical constraints of your protective system. Search and coordinate between two devices.
. You display and set the tripping curve of the device.
. Coordination means discrimination, cascading


. Quick Calculation of single branch of MV/LV electrical installation
. Easy to use
. Guaranteed conformity to installation standards
. Optimised choice of switchgear


. Dedicated to designers of electrical installations in industrial and tertiary buildings

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