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My Ecodial L

                        My Ecodial L


My Ecodial L efficiently assists you in calculating complex electrical installations for industrial and tertiary sectors. My Ecodial L optimises the choice of your equipment. My Ecodial L helps you choose the right devices for your needs. My Ecodial L ensures the quality of your installation and the safety of people and material.

. Selection guides at your disposal:
Discrimination, cascading, motor starter coordination

. Visualisation of tripping-curve units: Curve Direct

My Ecodial L brings to your business efficiency and productivity. My Ecodial L gives you quick and reliable results.

The software has been approved by the UTE (Union Technique de l’Electricité)

My Ecodial L helps you save precious time in your daily business, allowing you to concentrate more on your job!



. Calculation of complex electrical installations
. Time savings - Productivity
. Guaranteed conformity to installation standards
. Optimized choice and setting of switchgear


. Dedicated to Designer of electrical installation in industrial and tertiary buildings

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